Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Best place to download free software for your MAC!

The Macintosh has been one of the most pioneering product of Apple since its launch over three decades ago. The mac, as it is popularly known as comes preinstalled with a bunch of software that can do many different types of major tasks known to mankind! But, when it comes to customizing your Mac with software that you love, the mac fall behind windows as there is a lot of free software for windows but not so many free software for mac.

So, we collected a lot of free software for the mac on the internet and presented them all here in an easy to understand and download collection on FilesBear - filesbear.com which can be downloaded using fast direct download links with resume support and download managers capability!

So, what are you waiting for, enjoy those free downloads for your mac and customize your mac to your liking without paying for software for the mac!

How to download games for Windows?

Windows is the operating system running on most of the computers around the world. If you have a computer and its not from Apple, then there's a very high probability that its running Windows. The only problem with Windows is that there are not many pre-installed games available. The ones that Windows has, are either very very addictive (like Minecraft, or Solitaire) or super boring. Such boring that you would want to remove them for the extra MB (yeah just some MB) space you would gain!

As each problem has a solution, this has its solution too, and the solution is pretty simple - download free games for windows from the best website in the world FilesBear directly. The collection of games is awesome and each game has screenshots so you can see beforehand what you are going to download. The games are segregated into different types so that you can try out different games of the same type! The best part - its all free!

When you download games for free for windows from FilesBear, do remember to leave your comments below to let us know how it went for you and if you liked the game or not!

Download Extreme Jungle Racers Game for Windows!

There is a lot of racing games around the world - most of these games make you race on a tracks that are exact replicas of the tracks in the real world. But, where's the fun in that? The real fun is racing in the jungle!

Now, am not saying that you should go to the jungle yourself and start racing a buggy there - the mosquitoes will kill you anyways :-) Am sure you would be having a computer and have windows installed on it. Then I would suggest you to download extreme jungle racers for windows and enjoy racing in the jungle like you would race in the streets!

Download it using the link below-

download extreme jungle racers

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Download Microsoft Pinball for Windows 10

Do you miss the pinball version that was preloaded with Windows XP? We miss it too, and believe it was one of the best and addictive versions of pinball! As most of us are now running Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7 on our computers and would really love to have it with us, we enjoyed it and then uploaded it on FilesBear to share with the world!

Here is the download microsoft pinball for windows 10 link to start reliving those old memories of the XP and pinball days! The name was catchy too - Space Cadet!

Friday, 5 August 2016

How to download softwares and apps for windows?

So you just got yourself a new windows computer but it feels really bland. The reason for this is that the computer is new, so it has no software or apps installed except the ones the manufacturer installed by default. So, to make your computer very pretty, you need to install good and exciting software into it. You would be wondering how you can download software for windows?

The answer is FilesBear (http://filesbear.com)- the best and biggest collection of free softwares for the windows operating system with all files have direct download links and highest speeds possible for each user! Now you can download at more than 10MBPS and using your favorite download manager without restrictions!

The biggest and best collection of software and apps for your windows computer, visit FilesBear now!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Hello fellow animals!

Hi, as you all know, I am a bear - and I have just come out from my hibernation and found that the world is missing a nice free software collection website. So here are my two cents - FilesBear. My website is currently under construction, but it'll be live soon. We are working very hard on it day and night and collecting some of the best worthwhile software and games.

Hope all animals and humans like it! Stay tuned for more!